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All You Need to Know About a Tutoring Session

  • How do I contact Linda?
    E-mail: Or Complete the form in the "Contact" section
  • How do I know if Linda is the right tutor for me?
    Upon contacting Linda, you will have a consultation to determine the needs. This will take place either by telephone or e-mail (whichever is your preference as indicated on the "Contact" page)
  • How do I schedule a tutoring session?
    -During the consultation, an agreed upon day and time will be determined for the first session. -Subsequent sessions can easily be booked during the current session or through REMIND (a texting platform) or e-mail. *Payment must be made within 24 hours of booking the tutoring session in order to maintain the reservation. *At this point, payment is made by e-transfer to:
  • What will the tutoring session "look like?""
    -Upon booking and paying for a session, a link to a "Google Meet" will be provided. -At the scheduled time, click on the link and "Join" the Google Meet. -Specific questions can be texted through REMIND and then through screen-share and a white-board app, content will be taught. -All notes will be sent to the student via e-mail at the end of the session. **Additional practice questions, links to folders containing practice tests, summary notes, workbooklets and answers, powerpoints, etc will also be provided**
  • Am I required to book sessions on the same day each week?
    -There is no requirement to select a repeating day and time. -Tutoring sessions may be booked on an "as needed" basis.
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